Tips for moving

Tips for moving

People tend to experience some fairly common hiccups during the process of relocation; however, some of the bigger problems can easily avoided by following some simple tips to help you to negotiate the pitfalls.

One good tip is to take a careful look at your insurance policy before you make a move.  Some home insurance policies will not provide coverage when you move; therefore, it is very important that you establish what you are and are not covered for prior to the actual relocation.  The disconnection of utilities is also important.  If you intend to clean up before you leave your old home, be certain that you have asked for your gas and electricity to be disconnected once you have finished doing so.

At your new home, it is a very good idea to check your electricity meter prior to it being connected.  You need to make sure that the meter is easy to access and is currently in the ‘off’ position.  Remember that in many cases a number of units will have more than one main switch.

To avoid any unexpected delays happening when making a move into a new apartment, you should learn the whereabouts of the apartment access bays and be aware of any set moving times and how you can get hold of a key to the elevator in your new apartment block.