Tips for military relocation

Tips for military relocation

Families in the military need to plan for moving due to its frequency in this lifestyle; however, forward planning does not mean that people should be on edge all the time.  Being prepared simply means that you are able to focus on living and allows you to put moving out of your mind until the time actually comes.

Hundreds of families in the military have to move every year, and military relocation is often very different from a civilian move.  Complications arise due to the short window of time that military families are allocated to sell their existing home and find, purchase and move into a new home in a totally new city.  The good news is that there are some tips that can make this potentially difficult experience go much more smoothly.

One good tip is to make sure that you have more in the way of organizational skills than clutter.  Everyone has lots of possessions, but this is a luxury that military families can ill afford when they are faced with potential relocation every couple of years.  Keeping the number of possessions you have down to a minimum makes it easier for you to be able to pack up and move at short notice.

Organizing your possessions, knowing which essential items should remain with you and having similar items in one room for the sake of easy packing can also be a big help, as can maintaining detailed records and lists.  Planning is vital for military families.