Tips for military relocation

Tips for military relocation

Making a military move can be a difficult experience, particularly for those who have never done it before; however, military families that have had many years of experience in dealing with frequent relocation often develop great flexibility and many clever tips so that the situation can be handled with minimum fuss. Please read on to discover a few of these tips:

One thing that military families soon come to learn is that the fewer possessions they have to begin with, the easier the process of packing for a military move becomes.  It is also a very good idea to create a first night moving kit.  This kit can be edited to suit your family’s personal requirements but should include items such as an emergency binder containing all your important documents; an inventory of all your possessions; contact information for airlines, hotels and your moving company; a clipboard, pens, pencils and markers; scissors and box cutters; a camera and charger; and paper and tape to label the rooms in your new home so that your moving company know where to put your furniture and boxes.

Make sure that you attend the briefing for the military move and take copious notes.  This is of particular importance if the move is to a foreign country.

Even if you have not yet received new orders, start saving a little extra money if you feel that a move is on the cards.  There will almost certainly be things that you will need to purchase.