Tips for military families on the move

Tips for military families on the move

Boxes, cleaning supplies, house hunting and packing tape are just some of the things associated with moving; however, while the average American family moves just once every six years or so, families in the military tend to move at a rate that is double that amount.  Families who make a move according to the needs of the military often lead a rather gypsy lifestyle and tend to quickly become experts at all things related to relocation.

It is crucial to anticipate your next relocation, as when those orders finally do arrive there is often very little time to prepare before the move is set to take place.  The best advice for military families is to travel as light as they possibly can.

Soldiers receive their instructions on their military sponsored relocation when they are given their Permanent Change of Station orders, and a number of factors both professional and personal then come into play.  These include the location for the new duty, the rank of the soldier, and the number of dependents in the family.  These factors will determine what the reimbursement rates are for such things as temporary lodging expenses, dislocation allowance, per diem rates, and a number of other reimbursement expenses.

A good tip is to make sure that you keep hold of all of the moving-related receipts that you have and ensure that they are stored in a central place such as a file folder.

Rick Wozniak