Tips for making your move run smoothly

Tips for making your move run smoothly

Moving tips can sometimes seem blatantly obvious, but the reality is that what might seem obvious now can be easily overlooked during the madness of an actual move.  Make use of the following tips both before and after your relocation.

Taking notes is a very good piece of advice.  You should write down your shipping registration number and make sure that you keep it with you at all times so that you do not end up frantically searching through boxes if you have to call your moving company with questions in regard to your shipment.

Getting the bed ready is another good tip.  One drawer of a dresser should be designated for towels and sheets so that you do not need to rummage through boxes in order to find these essentials on the very first night in your brand new home.  The fridge should not be forgotten about either; once you have cleaned and dried the interior of your fridge thoroughly you should put a handful of charcoal, baking soda or fresh coffee in a nylon stocking or a sock and put it inside inside your fridge to make sure that it retains a fresh smell.

You should keep your phone book from your old house, as you may have need of it so that you can make calls to businesses or individuals from your former home town.  Irreplaceable memories should be protected by taking such items with you in the car.

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