Tips for making a big move

Whether you are attempting to do it yourself or intend to engage the services of a professional moving company, the fact remains that a lot of careful planning is needed in order to make a successful move and not to get caught out by the various pitfalls you encounter along the way.

One good piece of advice is to stay well clear of rogue moving companies.  Use the relocation industry non-profit agency website to make sure that you pick a certified ProMover.  You should never just hire a firm that sounds cheap on Craigslist.  If you hire a dodgy moving company it could steal some of your property either during the move itself or possibly even come back at a later date, as it would know if you live alone and where your valuables are kept.

Your state association is able to help you work out whether a moving company has a professional license.  You can also check out the company name on the website of the Better Business Bureau and see how many complaints it has against it; make sure you choose a company that is reputable.

If you are helping an elderly person to move, make sure you add time and patience.  Even a very independent elderly person can become tired or sick during a move, or become sentimentally stuck on a pile of old photographs. Senior Move Managers provide a beneficial service of relocating seniors. Moving is stressful and when senior move, it can be flat-out terrible experience.  You should be cognizant of their feelings and the emotions involved in this process.  You may want to more strongly consider hiring professionals may help throughout this transition.