Tips for Loading and Unloading the Truck

Tips for Loading and Unloading the Truck

Will you be taking care of the loading and unloading of your moving truck on your own?  Not if you hire a full-service moving company.  Perhaps you’ll be pitching in with the work with friends. It doesn’t matter what the specifics are, what does matter is that you know how to properly load and unload the moving truck!

Here is a brief checklist to make your packing up and unloading go as smoothly as possible. Just remember, placing items inside the truck correctly will make things a whole lot easier – trust us! Here’s what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • Load the heaviest things into the truck first. This will keep the truck stable on the road.
  • Store items you’ll use the most in easy to access areas, so you can get to them faster.
  • Pack up the moving truck a quarter at a time, and always pack it tightly with the proper protection.
  • Secure all of the items inside the truck with ratchet straps attached to the tie-down rings on the sides of the cabin.
  • Always use protective covers on mattresses, sofas, and delicate furniture. Put large cabinets, refrigerators and other heavy items in first, and then load up the lighter furniture, like tables, bookcases and chairs.
  • Secure large flat items to the walls of the truck.
  • Always put the lighter items on top of the heavier ones.
  • Be sure to keep valuable papers and other prized items with you instead of in the back of the moving truck.

Companies who provide full-service solutions can be found easily.  When moving consider what is best for your situation.

Jon Huser