Tips for labeling for a move

Tips for labeling for a move

It is a tough job to pack up the entire contents of your home and then move them to somewhere else entirely, but the positive news is that there are methods that can be employed to be sure that the process as a whole can be made to go a little more smoothly than can sometimes be the case.

One method of making sure that this is so is being organized and thorough when you go about labeling all of your boxes.  While this can often seem like an awful lot of work when you already have a ton of packing to get through, the reality is that if your boxes are clearly and correctly labeled then the employees of the moving company whose services you have retained will then be able to make certain that all of the boxes will be placed in the right room in your new house.  This will save you a lot of effort and time once the move has been completed and means that you will be able to concentrate your energies on unpacking the said boxes and getting to the job of putting items away instead of having to move boxes all over the place.  With this mind, here are a few tips that can be useful when it comes time to label boxes to be moved.

One good tip is to make use of color-coded, numbered labels.  Instead of writing out labels that have the name of each room on them, you can make use of labels that are color-coded, with the number being used to identify precisely what items are in any particular box.  Labels that are color-coded can be identified much more easily and from a much greater distance than labels that have been written by hand, which will make it much simpler for professional movers to place the boxes into the appropriate rooms in your new home.

Another clever idea is to affix these color-coded labels to all sides of a box apart from the top and bottom.  This means that you will be able to see the labels even when the boxes have been stacked.  Should the labels be on top of the boxes, this would result in much shifting of other boxes to try to identity the label.  A master list should be utilized in order to work out a priority order when the time comes to unpack the boxes.  With color-coded, numbered boxes and a master list, it will be easy to spot any boxes that have been lost in transit or misplaced.

The job can also be made a lot more efficient for your moving company by drawing an arrow on each box that points upwards.  Arrows could also be printed out on adhesive labels and then stuck to boxes.  This means that the contents of your boxes will not be damaged due to them being stacked the wrong way up.  Boxes holding delicate items should be marked with a brightly colored label reading ‘fragile’.

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