Tips for interstate moves with Children

Moving interstate can be a difficult experience for children in particular, with the pressure from packing and selling your family home, as well as coping with unknown factors, all adding up.  The good news, however, is that there are some very easy steps that can be taken by families to make an interstate move simpler.

It is very important to be upfront with children.  When you know a move is going to happen you should tell your kids.  Keeping a move under wraps can cause children a great deal of stress and it is much better to come clean and explain to them the reasons for the move, go through all the various steps of the relocation, and answer any questions they may have.  It is also a good idea to use the internet or books to get your children familiar with the new place that they will be moving to.

Another good tip is to try to make the relocation fun.  Go on the internet to find all the fun activities that the new city has to offer.  Do research on the schools in the area and try to get permission to take a tour prior to your children commencing their education there.

Giving children some control over the mover.  Even toddlers can assist with basic packing by throwing soft toys into boxes.  Allowing kids to be able to pack their own rooms prior to the move and unpack in their new home is a good idea, as just enabling children to organize and sort through their toys can ease their stress over the move considerably.