Tips for getting rid of clutter

Tips for getting rid of clutter

ClutterIf you are planning a move then you need to consider getting rid of the items that you do not want to keep before you begin the packing process, as there is simply no point taking unwanted items with you.

Step one is to go through every closet in the home and take out everything you no longer want. Do the same with the attic and garage, and then look around your home to see what you are no longer using. An example is an exercise bike that you only ever hang clothes on – why not get rid of it and make some money towards the cost of hiring a moving company?

For most people it is not just a case of getting rid of broken or useless items; instead, it is about getting rid of possessions that we no longer need or want. Such items may be perfectly fine for other people to use, so why not consider selling them? There are plenty of online sites where you can advertise your unwanted items and you would be surprised just how far people will travel to collect a bargain, which means that you may not even have to post them.

Sell items such as old cell phones to companies that recycle them. In this way you could make a bit of cash to put towards your move.

Remember that unwanted or broken electrical items can be recycled. There are specialist recycling sites you can take these items to, or your local refuse center may have its own recycling facilities.