Tips for employees when moving an office

Tips for employees when moving an office

The great majority of businesses need support and input from their employees during an office move in addition to engaging the services of a professional moving company.  Members of staff are usually responsible for the orderly packing of their own office or workstation to enable the relocation to be completed without disruption or costing the business precious time.

There are a number of very practical tips to help delegate certain tasks to members of staff and make sure that nothing is lost during the office move.  One such tip is with regard to the packing of the office.  Timing is very important when it comes to the packing process, as this is not something that should be carried out too far ahead of time and result in people having to step over boxes for many weeks; such a scenario can affect productivity and even be a health and safety issue.  Packing should not be left until the last possible minute either.  Employees should be encouraged to begin packing up their offices or workstations a day or two before the moving company arrives.  Professional moving companies are able to provide various packing services for office moves as well.

Labeling is also very important.  It is crucial to be able to identify items easily after the move so that everything can be unpacked and normal work returned to as soon as possible.  Advise your employees about the color coding they should make use of and to make sure that this coding is easily visible on all boxes.

A specialist IT moving company should handle the relocation of your IT equipment, with all peripherals such as cables, mouse and keyboard being packed together and clearly labeled.