Tips for downsizing your home

Many of us will downsize to a home that is smaller than our previous abode at some point in our lives, for a variety of different reasons.  Perhaps you are moving from a place of your own in order to have a roommate, or perhaps you have just ended a relationship; perhaps your children have all left home or you just want to move to a different area where you can only afford somewhere a little smaller.

Whatever the reason for the move, many people will find at some point that they need or want to live in a smaller space.  If you have to help to move a parent from their home to a retirement facility or just to a smaller home, you will have to deal with many possessions that may hold both monetary and sentimental value.

It can be tempting to sell or donate such items; however, you need to be very careful, as some antiques may be very valuable.  If your relative is not interested in keeping them, have a reputable estate dealer check everything just to be on the safe side.  If this is not convenient at the present time, it might be an idea to put the items into storage until you can deal with them at a later time.

If you are simply making a move into a smaller home, perhaps because the children have left home, you will want to dispose of some of the clutter that has accumulated over the years.  Many charities will be happy to take some items, such as clothes you never wear any more, off your hands.