Tips for corporate relocation

Tips for corporate relocation

Corporate relocation or the moving of office furniture can create a lot of stress for both employees and families, especially if the move is being made out of town.  Fortunately corporations and companies usually have strict guidelines for their employees to follow when moving to another office.

You should start preparing for an office move at least three months prior to the actual event so that the packing isn’t left to be done in a mad rush a week prior to the moving date.  The last thing that a business needs is for the office equipment to be damaged due to lack of preparation.  It also needs to be kept in mind that corporations and companies can and will need to remain operational in the midst of the move, and no more time that necessary should be given over to this planning and preparation.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the layout of your new offices and location ahead of time and to measure all the rooms that your firm is going to be using there.  The shape of the rooms also needs to be taken into account, as does any new furniture that you may be making use of.

A floor plan should be created in order to detail personal office space and the manner in which any new or existing items of office furniture such as filing cabinets, desks and chairs are going to fit into this space.  This should incorporate everything that will be taken to the new office, including equipment and office plants. A professional moving consultant will be able to help you plan and what should be done/prepared for.