Tips for a successful office move

Tips for a successful office move

Moving an office can be a difficult and often overwhelming experience; therefore, it needs to be handled in an effective manner.  If you are going to be moving a large office then the best idea is to break the relocation up by department and then follow the simple strategies outlined below.

The key to effectively and safely moving your office is to make certain that the contents of your office are correctly packed.  Office moving is a difficult process, particularly if you have more than one department; for this reason, it is a very good idea to hire the services of a professional moving company when moving your office.

One good tip is to pack the items in every department separately for the move.  Give each department its own number and have every box clearly labeled with the number of the department that it is being moved from and its individual contents.  Each piece of furniture, such as chairs and desks, should also be labeled with the name of the employee that it is to be used by.  This helps to ensure that the rightful owner will see their furniture returned to them after relocation.  Computers, printers and other office equipment should be similarly labeled.

A few days prior to the move you should contact your service providers to ensure that everything will be working in you new office on the day of the move, including the internet connection and phone line.