Tips for a successful and organized move

Tips for a successful and organized move

May starts the official moving season in the United States and is actually referred to under the moniker National Month of Moving.  Over 37 million Americans move house every year according to the US Census Bureau, but the fact is that moving can be an extremely stressful experience unless you plan ahead.  The good news is that there are a few goods tips that can assist you with making your relocation as free of stress as it can possibly be.

Making a move is an ideal reason to finally get organized and to truly embrace the notion of a fresh start.  There is no better time to go through all of your possessions and get rid of expired, broken, unnecessary or unwanted items that you have accumulated over a period of time.  Not only will this save you a lot of time when it comes to the actual relocation but it will also end up saving you a fair amount of money.  Use these simple steps to organize your move and make sure that the experience goes smoothly for you and for your family.

The first good tip is to get started as soon as you possibly can.  It is always better to start organizing for a move sooner rather than later, and preferably between four and six weeks before moving day.  A lot of people tend to underestimate just how long the process of packing will actually take and how many items they are actually in possession of.  The sooner you begin, the more organized and smoother your relocation will be.  You should also start accumulating free boxes from places such as furniture stores and grocery shops the moment you know that you are moving.

Making use of a checklist is another very good idea.  This moving checklist should include things such as an outline of everything that needs to be taken care of prior to and on moving day.  Nor should you be afraid to ask others for help.  Enlisting the aid of friends of family members can make it fun and it is also a good idea to contact a professional organizer to gain their assistance, as they will be able to help you to either begin or smooth out the whole of the moving process by helping you to get organized, pack, purge, and set up your new home.

Getting rid of clutter is one of the most important things you can do.  Purging yourself of unnecessary possessions is crucial, and it a good tip is to go through your belongings and do this even before you have packed so much as one single box.  This means that your new home will give you a truly fresh start and that you will not have to take items with you that are no longer relevant to your life, such as old clothes, old toys, old paperwork, and almost anything that you have had no need to make use of for more than 12 months.

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