Tiger’s Ex Demolishes Mansion

Tiger’s Ex Demolishes Mansion

If you know anything about Tinsel Town, you already know that even though there may be a fairy tale wedding, there is no guarantee of a Hollywood ending to that marriage.  In fact, a majority of Hollywood marriages move from soul mates to mortal enemies in no time flat.  That’s exactly what happened with Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren.

The seemingly happy couple had a knockdown drag-out fight (OK, so it was allegedly Elin with Tiger’s SUV, but who’s counting?) and ended their marriage a couple of years ago.  The two, who also have a couple of kids, shared several homes.

Almost immediately following that highly publicized argument, Woods and Nordegren went their separate ways.  Tiger moved out of their Florida mansion while Elin stayed behind, though she also eventually moved out.  But that’s not where the story ends.

Nordegren moved into another North Palm Beach mansion back in March, shortly after finalizing her divorce back in 2010.  She paid for the $12 million with funds received through the divorce settlement, most likely.  She raked in $100 million in the settlement.

It is not confirmed whether or not she actually lived in the house with her two kids, but one thing is for sure – it’s been demolished.  The house that once stood on the lot had six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.  A top architect will be building Elin’s dream home and she’ll be able to move in sometime in the future.  No one is sure when the project will be completed.

In the meantime, the ex-Mrs Woods is living in a private Palm Beach community.

Jon Huser