Three San Francisco neighborhoods to consider

Three San Francisco neighborhoods to consider

San Francisco is a beautiful and vibrant city. If you want to relocate to San Francisco you need to be sure that you find a neighborhood that will best suit your needs, so here are a few to consider.

North Beach is close to the Financial District and is popular with those who want to commute to work or even to walk there. There is a blend of old and new in this neighborhood, with plenty of tourists coming to see the sights. You will find great delicatessens and bakeries, striking architecture and different cultures, and if you are looking for an unusual apartment then this is the place to start.

If you are moving to San Francisco for work then you need to consider the Financial District; however, this neighborhood is fairly expensive when it comes to apartment prices and there are not that many to choose from. You also need to be aware that while this is one of the busiest districts during the day, it does tend to shut down during the evening.

If you want to relocate to San Francisco and money is no object, you might want to consider the more upmarket area of Nob Hill. This neighborhood boasts Lombard Street, which is known as the most crooked street in the world and people come here just to drive down it. There are also some quiet parts of this neighborhood, and it is certainly one of the prettiest. Getting into the city from here is also fairly easy.