Thinking of Moving to Mesa, Arizona?

Thinking of Moving to Mesa, Arizona?

The city of Mesa in Arizona is just 20 miles from Phoenix and is a city worth considering if you want to move to this state. The city is located in Maricopa County and is now officially the state’s center of population. As the third-largest city in the state, Mesa has plenty to offer families considering a move there.

Moving to Mesa means that you have access to a range of cultural attractions. These include a variety of sports teams and last year Cubs Park opened, which is the spring training ground for the Chicago Cubs. If arts are more your thing, you will find that the Arts Center and the Amphitheatre have everything that you need. The city is also home to a number of museums, including the Arizona Museum for Youth, the Mesa Historical Museum and the Arizona Museum of Natural History. For those with an interest in military history there is also the Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing Aircraft Museum at Falcon Field.

History buffs considering a move to Arizona will be pleased to know that there are several sites in the region that are of archaeological interest, including the Mesa Grande Ruins and the Park of the Canals.

One of the big draws of this part of the world is the great weather, and the city has plenty of parks and outside spaces where you can make the most of it. The largest park is Red Mountain Park, which covers more than 1,100 acres and where you can play sports or simply enjoy a good walk. Golf courses also feature prominently on the list of amenities that the city has to offer and one of the most popular is the town’s original course at the Mesa Country Club.

We cannot overlook the shopping facilities and the good news is that Mesa will not disappoint on this score. There is the Fiesta Mall, where you will find plenty of stores with names that you recognize, which is not too far away from other shopping centers. Alternatively you can head over to Mesa Riverview, where you will find plenty of retail outlets – more than 1.3 million square feet of them! Many of the retail trade’s top names are based here and there are also plenty of restaurants, making it easy to make a day of your retail therapy. Over in East Mesa there is the Superstition Springs Center, which is home to an outdoor amphitheater and top stores such as Macy’s and Sears.

Relocating to Mesa also means that you might want to consider schools and colleges and there are plenty of both, with a large number of public schools and several different university campuses based here. It is also fairly easy to get around the city, with a variety of public transport options.

Moving to a new city is not an easy decision to make; however, as Mesa has plenty to offer people of all ages, it is worth considering this city for your new home.