Thinking about Moving to Columbus, Ohio?

Thinking about Moving to Columbus, Ohio?

Now is an excellent time to move to Columbus, Ohio. The city, though many people don’t think much about it, is actually booming and a great place to raise a family. During the recession our country just powered through, the city did quite well – even better than the rest of Ohio.

Why did Columbus, Ohio do so well during the recession? One of the main reasons the city has quite a few jobs in the education and government sectors – including those at Ohio State University. A college town is always going to move a little faster than others, simply because education never stops!

It is worth mentioning that the private sector in Columbus, Ohio isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, either. There are plenty of jobs being added in the health-sciences, insurance, and technology sectors, which means if you have a career in any of those, you may want to consider moving to Columbus.

In addition to the job growth, Columbus has launched an aggressive economic development program – the whole state of Ohio actually has. The state is building office buildings, business parks, and even giving grants to businesses. So, not only are families moving to Ohio, but so are businesses.

Here are some quick stats you might want to know, if you are considering relocating to Columbus:

  • 1.77 million population
  • 4.4% job growth
  • $37,624 per-capita income
  • $179,088 average home price

Jon Huser