Things you need to know before you move

The five-week period prior to moving day is a crucial time, as this is when you begin to prepare for the impending relocation.  One thing guaranteed to help you get organized is a good checklist, and there are some other things that you can get done in these preceding weeks.

One of the first things you should do is to change your address with any organizations or institutions at which you are listed.  You should also notify places such as banks, schools, insurance companies, utility operators, credit card companies, internet service providers, colleges, doctors, mobile phone companies, newspaper vendors and cable operators of your change of address, as well as informing friends and family. 

In some instances it may be necessary to cancel your subscription. You should check out a number of different professional moving companies and compare quotes and rates before picking the one that is the closest to your budget, needs and preferences.  You should call your moving company the week and then the day before the relocation in order to make certain that everything is still on track and all details are correct. If you intend to pack your own belongings then you must make sure that everything has been completed prior to the arrival of the moving company and that you have the correct kind of moving boxes and packing supplies.  You need to make absolutely certain that the packing supplies and boxes you have purchased are of the best possible quality.