Things to remember when making a move

Things to remember when making a move

In the tumultuous period that is moving your home, it is only too simple to overlook some tasks that have to be accomplished.  When this happens it can sadly result in major headaches at a later time, so here are a few important tasks that you should never forget about.

One of the most crucial pieces of advice is to always keep your records on hand.  All of your most important documents should be kept in one place, including your dental and medical records, your pets veterinarian records, your child’s school records, and anything else that needs to be accessed quickly.  Often during relocation people tend to pack these things and then cannot find them amidst the dozens of boxes that are cluttering up their new home.  Make sure that you always keep them handy.

Your new address is something else that you need to think about.  It can take some time to memorize your new address when you first move to a new home, so you should have it written down and placed in your wallet for easy reference.  This can save a lot of time, regardless of whether you need it to change your mailing address for subscriptions to magazines or to forward mail at the post office.

Collect your old keys.  You may well have given keys to family members, friends or neighbors in case of emergency, and these should be collected up before you move.