Things to know before packing

Things to know before packing

Before you pack up and move, it is a good idea to check out websites such as and   The former was developed by the US Department of Transportation and contains methods to protect yourself from moving fraud as well as a helpful checklist for moving and specific information about moving services and referrals.

If you are making use of a moving company then it is a good idea to do your research on the companies you are checking out and get hold of a minimum of three in-home written estimates.   Because every move is different in one way or another, reputable moving companies will want to follow up any online or phone quotes with an in-home estimate.

Make certain that you compare a number of written estimates before making a final decision, and keep in mind that estimates are precisely that and are not necessarily the final amount that you will have to pay.  It is also important to remember that the cheapest price you are offered is not necessarily the best option for your particular move.  The details should be carefully reviewed and any questions you have should be asked in advance.

You should also take care when you transfer your personal information to your new address.  If a webpage looks suspicious in nature then you should check with your service provider to make certain that you are on the correct online site before you give out any personal details.