Things to do when making a military move

Things to do when making a military move

Spring beginning to turn into summer can often mean one thing for families in the military – moving! Families with prior experience of military relocation are likely to have making such a move down to a science and have developed their own rituals to make sure that the transition is executed as smoothly as possible.

Military moves can be tough on children, but you can create some rituals to help them through it.  One good idea is to create a ‘best of’ book about each duty station you leave.  Younger kids can draw pictures of their favorite things about the station, such as the church, their friends or their school.  Let your child make their own decision about what they would like to draw.  Older children might prefer to upload pictures, make their own webpage or write about their favorite experiences.  Saying goodbye is part of moving on and is a necessary step to take for both you and your children.

Donation can be made a regular aspect of relocation in the military.  Clothing that you have outgrown, old toys and other items you no longer need can be swapped or donated, which will certainly lighten the load that needs to be moved to your new posting.

There are a few tips to make military packing easier, such as putting all hardware for items such as drapery rods and furniture into marked zip bags, which are then placed in a fabric handle bag.  Ziplocks for electronic wires and remote controls can also be a good idea.