Things to do before you move

Things to do before you move

Around three weeks before you move home you should arrange to have your utilities (cable, electric, gas, phone, water, etc) disconnected in your current home and connected at your new one.  You should also prepare your insurance and car registration records for the transfer and inform the State Motor Vehicle Bureau of your upcoming change of address.

If you have children, at this point it is a good idea to make sure that you have childcare arranged for the actual day of the move.  This is also the time to make reservations for apartment elevators for the sake of pickup and delivery dates, if applicable.

Around two weeks before the relocation you should sort out the arrangements to move your pets, if you have any.  You should also check with your moving company with regard to the moving of houseplants, as there are some moving companies that refuse to handle the moving of such items.  If you have any items at your current property that are simply too dangerous to move, such as flammable liquids, these should be disposed of at this point.  If you are making a long car trip to your new home, make sure that you get your car serviced and ready for the journey.

A week before moving day you should transfer any and all bank accounts and cancel your newspaper deliveries, while also making sure that, if you are on any medication, you have enough to last at least two weeks.