Things to do before you move

Things to do before you move

Making a move can sometimes seem like a daunting task simply because there appears to be so much that you have to think about.  The key to a successful move that does not cause you to be overwhelmed is to have a checklist of tasks, which you can use to keep track of everything as you go along.

Around a month before the day of the move you should start investigating the local services in what will soon be your new neighborhood, such as schools, chemists, vets, shopping centers and doctors.  Do not forget to inform your current doctor, dentist, optometrist and any other medical specialist about your impending change of address.  For unwanted items that you do not wish to take with you when you move, contact a local charity to donate the goods or organize a garage sale.  For those belongings that you do wish to keep, plan where you can position them in your new home.

You should make inquiries regarding any alterations to your insurance policies, such as house and contents.  Be sure to have arranged cover notes and quotes for your new home and set a budget for the relocation.

If you are making a long distance move you should get a copy of the medical records for your whole family and for your pets.  Notify your place of employment about your new address, including the payroll department.  Make certain that you have backed up all important information on your computer and store the backup somewhere safe.