Things to do before moving overseas

Things to do before moving overseas

Whether for a better job, a significant other or simply the thrill of adventure, moving to a different country can be difficult.  Making a success of your new life and the move itself is dependent on the level and quality of the planning you put into it.

There are obvious things that need to be done before the move, including researching schools if you have children, getting your mail forwarded, and setting up housing.  There is more to an overseas move than just these simple things, however, and skipping vital steps can be a recipe for disaster.  Moving overseas can be tough, but patience, knowledge and some careful planning can make it easier.  One thing you will need to have in abundance to pull off a successful move overseas is money.

Moving and living overseas brings with it many unique costs – visas, travel, return trips home, the shipping of possessions over a long distance, possible taxing by both countries, big ticket purchases for storage of large items such as motor vehicles, and various other legal clearances.  The list of potential financial expenses is a large one, and you will need to have plenty of cash to cover everything prior to making the actual move.

Experts say that you should have enough money to cover your expenses for a minimum of seven months before you go overseas.  It is not a good idea to end up with no money in a nation where you have no support network, don’t know the customs, and may not even speak the language.