Things to do before moving in

Things to do before moving in

Moving into a brand new home is often the kind of life experience that a lot of people would rather have lived without; however, thanks to a few handy tips, you might just have everything ready in your new home for when the moving company brings your furniture and the rest of your possessions.

Relocation can be an all-consuming experience that goes on for what often seems like forever, what with all the planning, packing, cleaning and moving that has to be done.  When you actually move in to your brand new home, of course,  is when the challenges can really begin.  While deciding where to put things might seem like a relatively small choice to have to make, after endless months of hassle and stress making more decisions is probably the last thing you will feel like doing.

The truth is that the sooner you start work on your new home, the chances are that it will be a lot earlier on that the decision to move at all will suddenly start to seem like a good idea again.  If the house you have moved to is 100% brand new, you may not even have to do any work at all.  In this case, good for you!

The rest of us, however, who often buy a house that features something like a carpet that we simply cannot abide, will probably be wondering whether it should go straight away or later on.  This can be a tough decision, especially after all of the cost and the hassle of the move itself, but you need to look at the situation objectively and think about whether the hassle of replacing the carpet would be less or more at a later point or if it would indeed be better to do it as soon as possible.

If flooring needs to be replaced then this is an even more major project.  If you can afford it then it is almost certainly better to have it done straight away, as it will be much less hassle than having to do so at a later date when you have settled in, have everything in its proper place and then have to start moving furniture out of rooms again.  This will be a pain not just for you but also for the flooring installers.  If you do decide to have the flooring done straight away, make sure that the flooring has been ordered well in advance and see if you can have it installed perhaps a couple of days before you actually move in.  Make sure that the new flooring gets covered with rugs or mats so that the wood is not scratched or stained by dirt dragged in by the movers.

Other projects that could be easier to accomplish before you have moved include painting, crown molding, closet systems, changing locks, and electrical upgrades.

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