Things to do before a military move

Things to do before a military move

When you hear the news that you are going to have to move with the military again, there are a number of tasks that you should start on right away.  One of the first things that you should do is to take the time to talk to close friends and family members about the impending relocation.

If you have children then it is a very good idea to try to make them see the military move as being something of an adventure.  You could assist in this endeavor by setting challenges and goals for them, such as quests to come up with information about the new place that you will all soon be moving to.

It is important to give members of your family the chance to make some of the necessary decisions involving the relocation.  The whole family can often be made to feel powerless after a posting, but this feeling can be alleviated somewhat by allowing family members to have a say, even if only in some of the small matters related to the move.  They could even do some research on the new area they will be moving to so that everyone knows what to expect when they get there.

Having a moving party is an excellent idea.  Throwing a moving party allows you to honor all the individuals that you have been sharing your life with at your current posting and celebrate your friendships.

Rick Wozniak