Things to consider when moving

Things to consider when moving

Moving anything anywhere will always give people plenty of things to think about, but the good news is that such a move can be made a bit less stressful just by following a few simple tips.

One good tip is that the moving company that you are intending to make use of should be reserved between two to four weeks prior to the date of your move.  It is a good idea to avoid mixing items that come from two entirely different rooms in the house, while closets can be made a good deal easier to pack with the use of wardrobe boxes. 

Clothes that are normally stored in drawers can be packed in suitcases. When it comes to the issue of moving large appliances, you need to take a good look at the original owner’s manual that came with the appliances to ascertain whether there are any special instructions for such a move.  Fine china should never be wrapped in newspaper, while dishes should always be packed facing upwards. 

Always use packing tape rather than duct tape. When you are packing sentimental and important documents, they should be dealt with separately to make sure that they are easy to gain access to.  Sentimental and important documents include the health records of your children, other family records, photo albums, passports, and insurance policies.  All boxes should be clearly labeled both on the top and on the side.

Jon Huser