Things to consider when moving an office

Things to consider when moving an office

Moving a whole office can be a massive challenge.  The process can be made smoother by forward planning, which can also help to ensure that your brand new office is up and running as fast as possible.  The good news is that there are a number of useful tips that can help you to come up with a schedule that will ensure you stay on track and cut down on office downtime at all points of the relocation.

You should ask important questions in order to assess your current situation and your assets before you move and establish what you will require in order to accomplish a successful office move.  You should meet with your moving company in order to finalize the schedule for moving day and create a supervisory team at your firm to assist with implementation and delegation.

Another good tip is to finalize the floor plan for the new office and assign department numbers, along with labels and/or placard colors, to your movers.  You should come up with communication packages to give to your employees that provide them with the schedule for the office move as well as instructions for the shredding and purging of unwanted documents.

A relocation orientation meeting should also be scheduled in order to help your employees become familiar with what is happening and to confirm what the expectations are of them during the process of moving the office.

Gene Salaz