Things to avoid when moving interstate

Things to avoid when moving interstate

There are a number of things you should avoid doing when you are moving interstate and hiring the services of a professional moving company.  These things might seem obvious and yet something as simple as having a checklist and pen to enable you to check off goods as they come off the moving truck can save a lot of time and hassle at a later date.

One good tip is to avoid hiring a moving company that will only take cash.  You should ask for the company’s payment terms upfront; while paying cash may not seem like a big deal, some disreputable firms might take your cash and your goods and never come back.  You also need to make sure that the moving company you hire is legitimate; this is never more important than when you are making a long distance move, as your possessions will be out of your sight for some time.

You should never pay the moving company until after the move has been completed and your items are safely ensconced in your new home; nor should you sign the paperwork if there are items missing.  Count and recount your boxes and conduct an inventory before payment – you will not get a second chance. The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) has a certification called ProMover.  ProMover helps to show that the moving company you are considering is reputable, passed a background check and agree to uphold the AMSA code of ethics.

You should never sign anything if you do not understand it.  Make sure that you have carefully read everything and ask for clarification if necessary.  Items of high value, such as jewelry, passports and accounting records, should be taken with you rather than transported by the moving company.