The Ultimate Guide to Swapping Seasonal Items In Y …

The Ultimate Guide to Swapping Seasonal Items In Y …

As the seasons begin to change, it’s time to start swapping around the seasonal items in your home, shed, and garage. You move the lawn mower to the back of the garage and bring the snow blower to the front and you stack the boxes housing your gardening tools at the bottom of the pile, bringing the winter items to the top.
However, by storing equipment for all of the seasons in your home, you’re taking up valuable space that can certainly be used otherwise. So, let’s start to swap seasonal items in and out of your storage unit, instead of in and out of your living space with this seasonal storage unit guide.

Be Familiar with The Items That Can’t be Stored in a Storage Unit

The first step to swapping seasonal items in your storage unit is to determine which of your belongings cannot be stored in a unit. Individual storage unit facilities may have their own restrictions but as a general rule of thumb, the prohibited items include:
• Hazardous or flammable materials
• Unlicensed items
• Anything live (animals and plants)
• Food
• Illegal substances
• Items you do not own

This is important to know to avoid any discrepancies. However, it’ll also help you prepare seasonal items that can be stored in a storage unit if the proper procedures are followed. For example, if you intend on storing your lawn mower or summer automobile, you will need to empty out the gas tank and empty the fuel lines.

Explore the Different Types of Storage Units

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, with many offering unique benefits that you wouldn’t be able to get from the standard choice. For example, storing your items with Bekins Moving Solutions is significantly more economical than placing your belongings in a mini-storage unit and you also have the benefit of 24 hours of security every day, as well as updated fire and theft protection.

So, explore the options available to you – from cage storage to vault storage, pallet storage, rack storage and more.

Replace Your Boxes with Stackable Storage Containers

It’s time to finally get rid of those old moving day boxes and upgrade to storage containers. Storing your items in stackable containers makes it easy to swap seasonal items in and out of your storage unit, particularly if the containers used are from the same company and of the same size. When winter comes around, you can remove the containers housing your seasonal items and easily slide your summer seasonal items in to fill the void without having to move anything around. It’s a little upgrade that makes a huge difference.


Storage units are great to have for seasonal items. They allow you to make better use of valuable space in your home, garage, and she while also keeping your belongings stored safely and properly throughout the season.