The Ultimate ‘Get Your Move On’ Checkl …

The Ultimate ‘Get Your Move On’ Checkl …

Moving can be a chaotic and disorienting, but it doesn’t have to be! With the proper planning, and the right mover, you can create a seamless and stress-free move from start to finish. We recommend starting to prepare approximately six weeks prior to your move date. Here is your free comprehensive moving checklist that will keep you on track right up to the big day!

Six Weeks Before

  • Choose a moving company. – Research local movers in your area and find someone who has a trustworthy reputation. Did we mention myBekins has been assisting customers with their moves since 1936?
  • Organize and purge. Go through your home and throw out or donate what you no longer need. You don’t want to spend time and energy moving things you never use!
  • Create a moving binder. – Use a moving binder to keep your important documents in during your move. Keep birth certificates, school records, insurance information, and more inside the binder for safekeeping. You can also use it as a go-to resource for your moving estimates, receipts, and inventory sheet of your important items.

Four Weeks Before

  • Gather your moving supplies. Whether you are relying on your moving company for supplies, or gathering some on your own, now is the time!
  • Begin packing your belongings. Start packing items that you don’t use very often. Make sure to label boxes precisely. This will help you to save time during the unpacking phase of your move.
  • Notify others of your move. You need to start to change your address before you actually move in. Complete a change-of-address form at your local post office and then notify important companies such as banks, utilities, insurance companies, etc.

Two Weeks Before

  • Request time off work. – Most employers require a two-week notice before a requested day off.
  • Confirm your move. – Contact your moving company to confirm your moving arrangements.
  • Separate Your Valuables. – Start thinking about items that you may want to move to your new location personally. This may include jewelry, sentimental items, or extremely breakable items.

One Week Before

  • Get your car tuned up. If you have to drive a long distance to your new destination, get your car checked by a mechanic.
  • Get everything packed. You should aim to get everything packed at least a few days before your moving date. If you haven’t finished your general packing, you should start working towards being completed soon!
  • Clean out your fridge. – Start throwing out or using perishable food. This is one task many movers forget until the last minute!

Moving Day

  • Keep inventory and receipts safe. – Before the movers leave, they may have you sign some paperwork. Keep your copies safe in your moving binder next to your inventory list.
  • Remain calm and relax. – If you have completed your moving checklist, you should be able to remain calm and let the moving company take care of the rest.