The Steel House

The Steel House

OK, so maybe your house should be made out of steel – it’s pretty strong stuff.  But that’s not what this post is about so don’t start getting ready to move just yet.

For the last 30 years or so, sculptor and artist Robert Bruno has been working on a house of his own – the Steel House.  The Steel House is located just outside of Lubbock, Texas and could be considered a work of art as well as a house.  Wouldn’t you want to move into a work of art?

That’s exactly what Bruno did.  He created a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing but in a beautiful location.  The Steel House is situated on a bluff with a serene and pleasant landscape surrounding the structure.  Inspiration for the Steel House came when Bruno was working on a steel sculpture that he could stand under.  He described the feeling as very pleasant and decided to move into a sculpture of his own.

One way that the Steel House is completely different from other, more traditional houses, is that it has no internal skeleton fit under an exterior skin.  Basically, the entire house is the skin and vice versa.  The outside of the home is what holds the building up.

If you think it is a little scary to move into a structure that doesn’t really have any kind of skeleton, don’t worry!  The Steel House is made out of quarter-inch steel plates and it seems pretty sturdy.  Bruno actually buys the metal as scrap and molds all pieces together himself.

All together, the Steel House is a livable structure and weighs about 110 tons.  Ready to move in?  Well, maybe just a visit.

Jon Huser