The Hoff may be moving to the UK

The Hoff may be moving to the UK

The village of Broadway in the Cotswolds in the United Kingdom may be about to get a taste of celebrity in the form of David Hasselhoff.  ‘The Hoff’, as he is often referred to, has announced that he is intending to move to the village.

The former star of such hit TV shows as Baywatch and Knight Rider revealed earlier this week that he fell in love with this picturesque UK village after a visit with his girlfriend to the area.  The actor has been in a relationship with for around 18 months with Welsh girl Hayley Roberts and celebrated her birthday with a visit to the Cotswolds last week and a tour of the area.

The celebrity couple was so enamored of Broadway especially that they immediately put in an offer on one of the properties for sale in the village and have already started to make plans for their relocation to the area.  “The Cotswolds won’t know what has hit them,” the actor joked.  “I’m hoping the locals take to us, though, and I’m already naming it Hoffway.  I love your country and almost feel like an honorary Brit.”

County councilor Liz Eyres says that the village has long been able to attract luminaries from all fields and that villagers are quite used to seeing famous faces in their midst.  “Our history boasts leaders, artists, writers, musicians, artisans and actors to PR gurus,” Eyres notes.  “The residents take it all in their stride.”

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