The hidden costs of moving

Making moving plans is something that is fraught with a number of hidden expenses that a large amount of people simply fail to anticipate.  Making a move is rarely cheap and when people end up having to pay out for things that they had not expected or factored into their budget, this is when the situation can start to become extremely stressful for all concerned.

One relocation cost that is rarely taken into consideration is that of extra moving supplies.  A lot of people plan to make use of far less boxes and other supplies than they actually end up requiring, and not only does this mean that time is wasted by having to make additional trips to buy more but also that the further purchases are an unforeseen expense.  You will almost always end up needing more supplies than you initially think, so it is a very good idea to plan conservatively.

Moving time is another factor few take into account.  When hiring professional movers (Or doing it yourself), everyone always hopes for a flawless move, however no matter how careful you or these professinals are, accidents do happen. Tips are another thing few people think about.  While tipping professional movers is not required, it is – as is the case with being served in a restaurant – often expected and certainly appreciated, and can be another additional forgotten expense.