The hidden costs of a permanent change of station

While PCS (permanent change of station) moves are normally paid for the military, the reality for many families in this situation is that there always seem to be a certain number of unexpected expenses that are neither taken care of by the military nor tax deductible.

Many people will have to buy luggage for a PCS move.  In other circumstances, moving overseas with the military can result in months spent without being in possessions of your personal items, which means that most families end up spending more and more money to get larger items of luggage in which they can immediately take with them more of their possessions.

Then there will be the other items on the inevitable shopping list, such as supplies to help to move a pet with the family.  Moving a pet cat or dog, for example, may need you to purchase catnip, a leash, a harness and housebreaking pads for man’s best friend.  Even the cost of grocery shopping can add up to more than is usually the case, as most families in the midst of the packing madness may find themselves more reliant than normal on convenience food such as frozen dinners and even frozen breakfast food.

Something else that regularly gets forgotten but soon adds up will be the cost of cleaning supplies for your new home, and you may even need to purchase items such as new lamps unless you want to walk around your new place in the dark.

Rick Wozniak