The greatest cities for the young

The greatest cities for the young

Society is now more nomadic than has ever previously been the case, with start up opportunities, corporate relocations, urban renewal and the disintegration of the family unit all being contributing factors to the annual moving of more than 17% of the population of the United States.

Young people in particular have big questions about the places that they might be moving to for work, such as whether they would be happy with the locale, or if there is somewhere better to look for work if they cannot seem to find a job in their current location.

I have found research data on issues such as breadwinning, ease of navigation and the social and recreation scene which suggests that there a number of cities in the United States which are better than others for young people to move to, including Albuquerque in New Mexico, Boston in Massachusetts, Charlotte in North Carolina, Cleveland in Ohio, Houston in Texas, Los Angeles in California, Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Nashville in Tennessee, New York in, well, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Salt Lake City in Utah, San Diego in California, Seattle in Washington, and Vancouver in British Columbia in Canada.

If you are planning on relocation, it is always a very good idea to double-check these findings with any and all currently available information.  The ranking of cities can change because of factors such as infrastructure, property values, foreign investments and corporate relocations, and a number of other reasons.