The environment of storage facilities

The environment of storage facilities

A storage facility with a secure environment is perfect for making sure that the items you place into storage are safe.  It is important to make sure that the storage facility you decide to use has adequate security and surveillance measures in place, and you should also check to see what protection measures are in place against fire and flood.

It is a good idea to ask about measures designed to control the entry of rodents and other pests into the storage facility.  You should also determine whether the storage facility is in possession of backup generators to enable the storage environment to be maintained in the event of power failure.  Storage environments that have a high temperature and high levels of humidity can result in some items being damaged.

Sensitive possessions can be kept in facilities that are climate controlled to ensure they are kept safe.  Wood can rot and metal can rust if kept in areas with high humidity.  Important documents could also rot if kept in storage with no climate or humidity control; other items that could be affected include musical instruments, electronics, mattresses, furs, antiques and furnishings and many more items.

Depending on your storage environment requirements, you can choose to put your possessions into storage facilities that offer humidity control, temperature control or both.  This type of facility will cost more, so you may want to consider placing only your sensitive items into such a facility and place the rest in a standard storage unit.