The Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

The Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) was established by military services to enable military families to organize their moves more efficiently and to enable the military to assess which are the best moving companies to use.

You do not have to use the Defense Personal Property System; however, it does provide a lot of online tools to give you the information you need, including a number of different how-to guides and information for those who are retiring from military service. There are tips on how to avoid charges for excess weight and a table detailing the weight allowances. It will also show the different policies from different branches of military services when making a move to a military base.

The system also shows you where to find the different transportation offices and you can find out how to file a claim for any damages or loss that have occurred during the move, although hopefully this is something that you will never need to do.

A major part of this system, particularly from the viewpoint of your moving company, is the customer satisfaction survey. You need to go to to complete this survey, which provides feedback to the Department of Defense to enable it to select the best moving companies for its personnel. Those companies that have given the best service are then highlighted and will continue to work on military house moves. After your move, you will get a reminder email asking you to complete this survey. 

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