The day of the move

The day of the move

The day of the move is when everything that you have been planning and preparing for actually comes to fruition.  If the move has been planned well ahead of time and you have selected a reputable and professional moving company, there should be nothing for you to worry about.

It is a good idea to come up with a checklist for the day of the move and to regularly refer to it during the countdown to moving day.  If you have children, arrange to have them looked after by a babysitter for the duration of the move.  Pets should either be put in kennels or kept in a private room until the relocation has been completed.

Your home should be cleaned after the moving company has taken all of your possessions, and you should double-check every closet and every room to make certain that you have not left anything behind.  Be sure to ask the moving company to be careful not to block your neighbors’ driveways.  The label on every moving box should list not only the contents of the box but also the room in your new home in which the box needs to be placed.

Create a floor plan for your new home, mark the positions where you want to put each item of furniture, and make sure that a copy has been given to your professional movers.