The advantages of double boxing

The advantages of double boxing

Making a move can be a very messy experience, and items can potentially be damaged or even lost.  Everybody has possessions in their home that they really do not want to get broken.  Whether they have a great deal of sentimental value or are very expensive, some items are part of our life and we want them to remain fully intact, regardless of how far we are moving.

One method of protecting fragile goods during relocation is double boxing.  The idea behind double boxing is a very simple one – you simply put your items in a box and then place that particular box inside a larger one.  The benefit of this is that it offers an extra level of cover and protection.

If you have porcelain vases, expensive silverware or other fragile goods, the double boxing method is by far the best one to make use of.  If you have engaged the services of a professional moving company in order to help you with your move, the great majority of issues will be able to be resolved by them; however, there is nothing wrong with giving your fragile items extra protection by double boxing goods such as dishware, glassware and jewelry.

You need to get a hold of a box that is large enough to hold your items; for instance, jewelry should be packed inside a small box, while a large container will be necessary for crockery.  This box can then be placed in a second, bigger box.