The 12 Days of Christmas in Dallas

The 12 Days of Christmas in Dallas

A unique celebration of one of the most popular Christmas songs can be seen in Dallas. The exhibit is based on The 12 Days of Christmas and can be found at the Dallas Arboretum.

The life-size Victorian gazebos are filled with characters and scenes taken from The 12 Days of Christmas song. Extravagant decorations will accompany the gazebos and you will need to watch out for the characters moving!

The exhibition is already in place and will be there until January 4th next year. An enjoyable walk will take you around the garden and you can marvel at the handcrafted gazebos; alternatively, you can take a tram to explore the exhibit, although if you opt for a nighttime showing, trams will not be in operation.

If you want to go to the arboretum, there is plenty to see and do in addition to the 12 Days of Christmas exhibit. There is DeGolyer House, which has been finely decorated for the festive season, and there are plenty of activities in the gardens. Extended opening hours have been added for the 12 Days of Christmas exhibit and the gazebos will be illuminated in the evenings. Carol singers and plenty of Christmas-themed treats will be on offer.

A small admission fee is required; however, children aged under three can get in free. If you plan to visit regularly it is worth becoming a member, as admission is then free. Remember that this exhibit is temporary and make the most of it while it is there.