Texana Hollis Getting Her Home Back

Texana Hollis Getting Her Home Back

A little while ago, we reported on a story about a 101-year-old woman, Texana Hollis, who was recently evicted from her Detroit home. If you’ll remember, her son simply failed to pay the mortgage and ignored foreclosure warnings and notices. But, we have good news! Texana is going to get to move back into her home of more than 60 years!

Texana was forced to move out of her home earlier this month and all of her stuff was placed outside. This happened after her son, Warren, 65, didn’t pay the mortgage for a couple of years! The family took out a reverse mortgage back in 2002. However, while the Hollis’ had been keeping up with some of their other bills and property taxes, they hadn’t with all of them which allowed the repossession to take place.

The good news came for Texana late last week when HUD announced that the department would cover the unpaid taxes and take off the security locks from the doors. This would allow Texana to move back in. Apparently, the department was pretty upset to find out that a nice little old lady was being relocated out of her home.

She will be moving back into her home when she is allowed to leave hospital. The shock of the unexpected displacement was a little too much for Texana to handle. In the meantime, Warren and Texana had been staying in a rental property owned by a neighbor across the street.

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