Tenants file suit to stop Denny’s move

Tenants file suit to stop Denny’s move

Fearing that they will be invaded by crowds of drunken patrons with the munchies, the residents of a swanky condo building in downtown Manhattan have filed a lawsuit intended to put a stop to a plan by Denny’s to move one of its restaurants into their building.

A suit filed earlier this month in a Manhattan supreme court saw attorneys for the condominium board at 150 Nassau Street describe ‘America’s diner’ as being unfit for the upscale address where three-bedroom units are being sold for $3.5 million.  The suit alleges that Denny’s restaurants are “a haven for violence, disorderly conduct, and alcohol drenched patrons”, with the condo board demanding that the move be blocked and that they be given $5 million in damages, incorporating legal fees.

“The safety and wellbeing of the building and its residents are compromised by the operation of a Denny’s,” the suit reads.  The 24-hour eatery has been proposed for ground floor commercial space comprising 5,600 square feet, which is owned by a hedge fund real estate group controlled by Meir Babaev from Jamaica in Queens.

“We’re against it [the move] 100%,” says Pari Shayegan, who has lived in the condo for eight years.  “They bring a lot of people we don’t want because they’re open 24 hours and serve alcohol.”  Attorney David Pfeffer says the suit was filed for the 125 families, with 65 children, who live in the condo.

Gene Salaz