Ten Things You’ll Probably Forget When You Move

Ten Things You’ll Probably Forget When You Move

In the midst of moving, there is usually chaos, no matter how hard you’ve tried to avoid it.  There has never been a relocation in the history of the world that has been 100% perfect.  Whether you didn’t like the the way something happened or you forgot an item, there is always something that you wish you could have done better.

So, what are the ten things you’ll probably forget on your next move?  Check these out (and hopefully we’re helping you prevent them from happening!)

  1. Stuff at the dry cleaners, tailors and shoe-repair shops
  2. Personal records (from schools, doctors, employers)
  3. Your new contact information and address
  4. Hidden valuables and spare keys
  5. The mail – don’t forget to do a change of address form
  6. Garage door opener – leave it for the next homeowners
  7. Gym memberships, club fees, and library books
  8. Financial documents
  9. Cleaning up the house
  10. Things you’ve lent your friends

While you may not have forgotten all the things on this list, chances are you’ve come pretty close!  Moving is hard; why make it even harder by forgetting something silly?  Remember, in high times of stress, even the smallest issue can seem like the worst thing in the world.

Have you forgotten anything during a move?  Let us know what we forgot to include on this list!

Lance Grooms