Taylor Swift moves next door to the Kennedys

Taylor Swift moves next door to the Kennedys

The rumor mill is spilling over with stories that singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Conor Kennedy have split up; however, whether true or not, the news certainly has not put the brakes on Swift’s decision to move into a mansion which is not far away from Kennedy’s family compound.  Swift allegedly bought the property in order to be closer to her beau, which is something that she is likely to be regretting if the rumors of a break-up are in fact correct.

US Weekly is reporting that the singer has broken up with Conor, the grandson of former US President Robert F. Kennedy, following what was a whirlwind three-month romance.  “They quietly parted ways a while ago,” a supposed close friend of Swift allegedly told US Weekly.  “It was just a distance thing.  No hard feelings.  They’re fine.”

If the rumors of the break-up are true, it does perhaps seem a little bit odd that the singer has not put the brakes on the property deal, which was originally made so that she would be able to spend more time with her boyfriend. According to TMZ, the deal regarding the home in Hyannis Port, which is worth $4.5 million, is still very much on the agenda and is currently schedule to close in two weeks time.

It remains to be seen whether the break-up rumors are true, whether the deal will still go ahead if they are, and whether Swift intends on relocation to the mansion either way.