Superman coming next in comic movies

Superman coming next in comic movies

Director Zack Snyder has hinted that Warner Brothers is considering making a Justice League movie.  We had three Superman movies back in the 70s with Christopher Reeves.  More recently we had another Superman movie where he returns after being gone for many years to find that he has a son.

According to Snyder, Superman is the crown jewel of DC comics and the Superman movie recently filmed with Henry Cavill is due out in June 2013.  Those who caught a glimpse of it at Comic Con or watching the broadcast of the major comic convention know that Clark Kent was seen in his hometown during his childhood.

The clip explored the theme of Kent trying to find where he belongs in the world.  His heroic deeds are seen with suspicion by his hometown.  Even though he has saved children in his hometown, most show Superman handcuffed with military personnel around.

Snyder stated that the new Superman is very different to the 70s version.  He wanted to make Superman more accessible to people.  This new person is not the earnest and goofy character that Christopher Reeves created.  Even Cavill said that he aims to change the perception of Superman.  The idea is to bring Superman to other fans.  Those who read the comics know him inside and out.  The movie is for the average person.  These regular individuals will have to decide if both the director and actor have managed to make this new Superman more reachable and interesting.

Lance Grooms