Submitting a military claim

Submitting a military claim

What happens when the movers have been and gone and suddenly you realize that a box seems to have disappeared between your old home and your new one?  What about items that have been damaged en route?

The first thing you need to do is stay calm.  There are procedures in place to deal with this sort of situation when it comes to a military move, namely the submission of a military claim; however, before relocation has even begun, you should make some preparations that might not only make the PCS a lot smoother but would also be of assistance in the event of recouping any damage after the move.

You should take photographs of any items you have that are valuable, antique or unique.  Not only will this be of assistance should the item in question go missing while moving but photographs can also verify the condition that your furniture and other possessions were in before relocation.  A video camera would be the best option to use, as you can go through the entirety of your house with it, including inside drawers and closets.

If you find you have sustained damages or losses of your personal belongings following a move, you should contact your new duty station’s claims office and then submit the completed DD Form 1840R no more than 70 days after moving day.  Submitted with your claim should be a copy of your PCS orders, as well as a written statement detailing the last time the missing items were seen and why you believe the carrier lost them.

Rick Wozniak