Stress and the military move

Stress and the military move

Military families move every three years on average and while most people regard relocation as a rare and stressful event, it is simply a fact of life for families in the services.  Fortunately there are ways to ensure that the stress of such frequent moves can be lessened for everyone involved.

It is important not to try to handle all the details of the military move by yourself.  Take advantage of friends who can help to babysit the kids while you focus on packing up your possessions yet again and all the other details that need to be taken care of.  Most military bases will have a child development center, which can also be very useful when it comes to cheap child care.

Adjusting to a new community quickly is crucial.  The moment you know that you are relocating, you should contact your new base’s relocation manager.  They will be able to let you know what to expect at your new base, inform you about move entitlements, and offer assistance throughout the duration of the move.  Make sure that you maintain an upbeat attitude about the upcoming change, as this will transfer to your children.

One good tip for after the move is to invite the neighborhood kids over.  This might sound like a crazy idea when you are trying to unpack everything; however, the reality is that it will keep your children occupied and enable them to quickly make new friends while you supervise their interaction and simultaneously get your possessions sorted.